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Trigger Point의 이론부분
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Self awareness is everything. Most people don't understand that what you tolerate you accept, but it is a reality. Think about it. The more you sit in traffic, the more you get used to the traffic. Eventually you say, "this is normal for me, the traffic isn't that bad, I barely notice it any longer." Yet, there is a non-moving mass of cars surrounding you -- this is called grid-lock. Loss of tissue tolerance and the art of aging is similar in nature. The physical difference is basically the same, you become "locked" and consider it "normal". I really want you to think about this; what you tolerate, you accept.
Weight of Life
With Trigger Point Performance Therapy you are able to see/feel what you've been tolerating. You become aware of the limitations AND the potential you have as the TPPT tools bring needed body awareness.